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Hi, and welcome to my little nest on the Internet.

My name is Tor Håkon, a native Norwegian, and this is my personal blog.

Latest Posts in English

  • My first contact with Linux
    I remember it like it was yesterday. The thrill. Wandering away from the safe and boring, and into the unknown. Yes, I’m talking about my first installation of Linux, Slackware 4.0 – which places my first contact around mid 1999, since this year also saw the 7.0 release.
  • The digital natives are not who you think it is
    I have heard the term “digital natives” applied to todays youth because they have grown up with the Internet, iPads, and whatnot. But I beg to differ. When it comes down to the meat and potatoes, they do not know jack shit.
  • Maps, activation codes and server-side validation
    A story about how missing server-side validation made it possible to get activation codes used to update maps in Volvo cars. All you needed was a valid vehicle identification number, product number and an email address – and of course the DVDs containing the maps if you wanted to update your car.
  • I don’t keep bookmarks, I keep tabs
    Ever since browsers added tabs – and the ability to restore them on start up – I’ve been using them almost religiously. Bookmarks, on the other hand, was never my thing. And while I do have them, 219 to be precise, I don’t use them. They are out of sight, whereas my tabs aren’t. Right … Continue reading I don’t keep bookmarks, I keep tabs
  • Problems starting Steam on Linux
    I recently installed Steam onto my Linux laptop. You know, to play games and such. Well, actually, just to try that one game which I knew was running in DOSBox. It’s that kind of game. Old. Should work on Linux, right? I mean, it’s DOSBox. Well — it didn’t — and Steam would not start … Continue reading Problems starting Steam on Linux

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