Hi, and welcome to my little nest on the Internet.

My name is Tor Håkon, a native Norwegian. I read, I write and I make mistakes. This is my personal blog.

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  • Running Fedora Linux
    I’m impressed. Really, I am. After getting tired of Windows 11, which didn’t take long to be honest, I finally got the push I needed to install Linux as my daily operating system. I first installed Ubuntu, since I have years of experience with it on the server side. Well, that did not last. Ubuntu … Continue reading Running Fedora Linux
  • IPv6 on OpenWRT and Altibox
    I spent too much time getting IPv6 to work on OpenWRT (version 22.03.5) and Altibox, my local ISP. The first issue was getting an IPv6 address in the first place, but that seems to just have fixed itself and I have no idea why. The second issue was to get OpenWRT to hand out IPv6 … Continue reading IPv6 on OpenWRT and Altibox
  • The Easter Detox
    I’ve been doing my digital detox again this Easter. Although, truth be told, it is probably also a people detox. A noise detox. A get away-from-it-all detox. But it works. The solitude was…enriching. Still, I kind of crave more of it. More away-from-it-all. To just disappear. Completely. Maybe someday. The activities this Easter was as … Continue reading The Easter Detox
  • For better or worse, I own my content
    I stumbled upon this post by Jose Gilgardo called “own your work“. In a nutshell it argues that, sooner or later, a platform owned by someone else will kick the bucket. GeoCities and MySpace is a good example. The solution seems simple: own the data, own the entry point. And it is simple. Own the … Continue reading For better or worse, I own my content
  • Time waits for no man
    In other words: Norway has entered summer time, also known as UTC+2. And while time itself had nothing to do with it, everyone else acts as if it has. I myself will wait till tomorrow and turn the clock one hour ahead during a meeting. Maybe I’ll do it twice. Once before lunch and once … Continue reading Time waits for no man

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