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Hi, and welcome to my little nest on the Internet.

My name is Tor Håkon, a native Norwegian, and this is my personal blog.

Latest Posts in English

  • Maps, activation codes and server-side validation
    A story about how missing server-side validation made it possible to get activation codes used to update maps in Volvo cars. All you needed was a valid vehicle identification number, product number and an email address – and of course the DVDs containing the maps if you wanted to update your car.
  • I don’t keep bookmarks, I keep tabs
    Ever since browsers added tabs – and the ability to restore them on start up – I’ve been using them almost religiously. Bookmarks, on the other hand, was never my thing. And while I do have them, 219 to be precise, I don’t use them. They are out of sight, whereas my tabs aren’t. Right … Continue reading I don’t keep bookmarks, I keep tabs
  • Problems starting Steam on Linux
    I recently installed Steam onto my Linux laptop. You know, to play games and such. Well, actually, just to try that one game which I knew was running in DOSBox. It’s that kind of game. Old. Should work on Linux, right? I mean, it’s DOSBox. Well — it didn’t — and Steam would not start … Continue reading Problems starting Steam on Linux
  • Knights of the Sky – Part 1
    This post was written 4-5 years ago, back in October 2014, but for some reason never left the draft folder. Well, here it is. Maybe this will give me the necessary incentive to produce a part 2 in the near future. I’ve recently become interested in doing some small programming projects. Mainly using C and … Continue reading Knights of the Sky – Part 1
  • Fixing Yongnuo RF-600TX
    A few years ago I bought two Yongnuo RF-602 RX receivers and a Yongnuo RF-600 TX transmitter for my Canon flash units. Recently they started misbehaving. Sometimes the flash didn’t fire, sometimes it fired to late. When using the test button however, the transmitter worked fine. What I noticed was that the green light on the front of … Continue reading Fixing Yongnuo RF-600TX

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