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Top 5 Spiders Visiting

I guess you all know how search engines index the web. They send robots, or spiders, to surf the web and collect information about different pages. About a week ago I installed StatPress on my WordPress installation to collect some statistics about my visitors. 

StatPress is a plug-in for WordPress which allows for real-time statistics about visitors. It reports most popular posts, browsers, search terms used to find your blog and also which search company visits your site most frequently.

In these 7  days I’ve had StatPress installed it has collected the following information about the search companies indexing my site. The results are in percentage of visitors recognized by StatPress as spiders:

  • Baidu – 34.2% (344 visits)
  • Google – 14.7% (148 visits)
  • Yahoo! – 11.4% (115 visits)
  • MSN – 7.7% (77 visits)
  • Radian6 – 7.5% (75 visits)

The latter one I haven’t even heard about, but apparently they’re working on social media. Or in their own words:

“Radian6 created tools to help remove the barriers to effective social media monitoring and analysis.”

This list may not be 100% accurate since StatPress only lists spiders which is know to it. At least I think that’s what it does, because I have yet to see a single entry from any Norwegian search engine. But then again, maybe they’re not aggressive enough to get onto the list?