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Can we trust The New Piratebay?

Earlier today it was annonced that The Piratebay might get sold to a Swedish company called Global Gaming Factory X (GGF) operated by Hans Pandeya, a man with a shady reputation (In Swedish).

For all we know, this might just be a PR stunt. But if so, it’s a bad one. I predict that if the sales go through, it will drive most of the users away and over to other file sharing sites. Just the idea of a corporation owning the TPB-user database is scary.

It’s been a nice 5-and-so years at The Piratebay, but I think I’ll go for a swim now, and I’m not sure if I ever will return. Also, this blows my “The Piratebay Preferred Partner”-joke I’ve been doing in the company for the last few years.