TweetDeck – My new favorite Twitter client.

For the last few months I’ve been using  Twhirl to stay connected with the Twitter community, but my activity has of late  slowly been reduced next to nothing. Well, that’s until a good colleague of mine recommended TweetDeck last Friday. I’m back in the Twitter-sphere, and I’m loving it.

Both clients is written in Adobe AIR, which is a big bonus since it means I can run it both on my office Windows machine and my Linux machine at home. I think Adobe AIR is one of the most interesting technologies right now for web applications. Although all that come out of Adobe is slow and sluggish, it’s far better than the last “cross-platform” language that promised a trouble free world. Java. Java was also slow and sluggish, but unlike AIR, Java didn’t seem to work. If you got a application running on one machine, you could be sure it didn’t want to run on your next computer.

Back to the topic; Twitter is still going strong, and with the right tools it can continue to grow. The only question they have to sort out is how to make money. I don’t really see the Ad business as the right move right now. And as long as everyone can create a third-party client, such rubbish can easily be removed before it hits your eyes.

You may follow me on Twitter and read my rubbish. It’s mostly in Norwegian, but that might change.

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