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Because sometimes shit happens…

Sunday 22th of September the disk in my server failed, and years and years of unique data dissapared with it. Projects, websites, bits and bytes. All gone. The only piece I did have backup of was the databases from MySQL, and those were 6 weeks old at the time.

Thanks to my (irregular) backup of the SQL databases, this blog is now back online. I have re-uploaded some of the blog images from other sources, and over time I hope to reconstruct (most) of the rest.

Conclusion: Shit happens. Be prepared.

Update: Found backup of the home directories and web directory from june 2010. Only 3 years of files missing. Oh, and the subversion repository.

Update 2: All visible images on this blog have been replaced. Yay!

Sensor Cleaning Gone Wrong at Dealership

So I decided to give my 5D a proper sensor cleaning before my vacation. I have done this myself before, but since I had run out of sensor swabs, and I wanted it to be a proper cleaning, I gave the job to an authorized Canon dealership. Turns out that was a big mistake.

Now the sensor have more dust on it then it ever had before.

This image is from the second time I picked it up at the dealer. The first job they did wasn’t any good, so I complained and they took another look. I guess I’ll have to ask for a full refund and some sensor swabs so I can take care of this myself now.

I most certainly won’t trust them with my camera again.

Update: They didn’t give me a refund, but they offered to try to clean the sensor again. I declined. Mostly because I need the camera on monday. I did, however, get a few sensor swabs with me. I used two swabs when I got home, and now the camera is ready for action.